• Choose natural veneer or technical veneer? After reading you will understand…

    Choose natural veneer or technical veneer? After reading you will understand… Evolutionary history of veneer The use of veneer can be traced back to Egypt 4000 years ago. Veneer, also known as veneer and veneer, is used for wood veneer decoration of furniture and other products. As early as...
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  • HOW IS SPC FLOORING MADE? What is SPC flooring?

    SPC flooring stands for Stone Plastic Composite flooring, is a high-tech research and development of new ground decorative materials, the use of natural marble powder to form a high-density of the solid base, the surface is covered with super-strong wear-resistant polymer PVC wear layer, after H...
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  • The customer does not accept the color difference of the solid wood floor, what should I do?

    The solid wood floor feels warm and comfortable on the feet, giving people a warm feeling, and also environmentally friendly. However, floor chromatic aberration is often the focus of disputes between consumers and businesses. For example: A few days ago, a customer who was decorating ran into th...
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  • Thanksgiving Day

    Thanks to everyone I know Thank you to everyone who has helped me Thank you to everyone I hate, they let me improve myself in the process of hating again Thank you to my customers, you make my business grow Thank you for my factory, you keep me alive Thanks to our parents, you have given me the o...
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  • There are four methods for wood floor installation process, do you know?

    In fact, people who know how to decorate all know whether the effect of wooden floor installation is good or not, only three points are the quality of the wooden floor, and seven points are the installation. Although this sentence sounds a bit false, we can know the importance of wood floor insta...
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  • What are the maintenance methods for laminate flooring?

    Does laminate flooring need waxing? With the improvement of people’s living standards, people are paying more and more attention to the quality of living standards, and they also pay more attention to the home living environment. In order to obtain better living comfort, people are increasi...
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  • Is the stone-plastic floor good?

    These data indicators give you the answer!   The stone-plastic floor is extruded from the extruder with a T-mould to extrude the PVC substrate. The three-roll or four-roll calender is used to respectively heat the PVC wear layer, PVC color film and PVC substrate. The product is simple in process,...
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  • Fashionable and comfortable, ready to use, fitness shop refurbished using SPC lock floor

    With the abundance of materials, changes in lifestyles and consumption upgrades, more and more people have joined the ranks of fitness in recent years. In addition to considering functional requirements, people’s requirements for the gym environment are also getting higher and higher. The s...
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  • Three points of floor, seven points of installation, most people ignore these details of floor installation!

    There has always been a saying in the flooring industry that wooden flooring is a “three-point floor and seven-point installation”, that is, whether the installation is good or not determines 70% of the floor quality. The unsatisfactory use of the floor is largely caused by the improp...
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  • Once met, lifelong companionship-SPC wallboard

    The main material of SPC wallboard substrate is an inorganic compound-calcium carbonate. It is one of the common substances on the earth. It exists in limestone, marble, calcite and other rocks. It is also the main component of animal bones or shells. The materials are natural, green and safe, an...
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  • Are you in Halloween day ?

    Are you in Halloween day ?

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  • Do you know all kinds of flooring?

    The floor is a floor material that is not easy to make mistakes in the design and match, and there are more choices of floor materials, so today I will take you to understand what types of floors are available. This article mainly analyzes the four mainstream floors: Engineered Hardwood Flooring ...
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